Poltrona Frau Contract has a century-long tradition of manufacturing high quality seating. Audiences the world over have enjoyed first-hand experience of the comfort, design and elegance of Poltrona Frau Contract seating installed in the most prestigious theatres and concert halls, airplanes and luxury cruise ships along with public buildings, embassies, five star hotels and many other public and private locations. 
Poltrona Frau Contract has achieved international renown and worked with famous architects from the start, including Gio Ponti, Richard Meier, Jean Nouvel, Sir Norman Foster and Frank Gehry. 
It has completed over 500 projects in more than 20 countries from a range of 20 customizable seating collections and 1200 compliance certificates to turn the dreams, ideas and challenges of the most famous architects into reality. 



Great concert halls. Internationally renowned theatres. Prestigious parliamentary offices. Poltrona Frau Contract is a leader in the development of high-end customised seating systems. The company stays constantly updated on ever-changing developments in the sector so it can create the most complex seating systems.


The layout is studied to ensure maximum acoustic performance and perfect visibility from each section of the floor. The focus is always on providing a finely tailored product and turnkey service that includes all stages from the engineering to the prototype, installation and post-sales assistance. 


The mastery of craft achieved by the Poltrona Frau Contract team in over one hundred years of experience ensures that it can express the designer’s creativity down to the finest detail. It combines the most advanced technology, rigorous safety testing and expertise in auditorium and theatre acoustics and visibility with highly skilled workmanship.


The Poltrona Frau research and development department uses ISO certified laboratories to make accurate sound and temperature variation resistance tests. All solutions meet the most stringent design, comfort, stability, fire safety and ergonomic requirements.