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Passengers made themselves comfortable on big armchairs on board the Rex, the legendary transatlantic ocean liner at the beginning of the 1930’s. This was the first prestigious job for PFG Contract.The start of a great adventure that soon led to orders for other famous cruise ships such as the Andrea Doria, the Raffaello and the Michelangelo. 

PFG Contract sharpened its sartorial skills on these projects and become a trailblazer in the concept of designing public venues. Its approach combined manual skill and expert craftsmanship with technology and industrial scale production processes. It was not long before more new orders came streaming in, leading to it complete assignments on hundreds of hotels, bars, restaurants and residences. It thrived on the stimulating challenge presented by each one. They also provided PFG Contract with the opportunity to display its mastery in the art of high-end carpentry and leatherwork along with its expertise in working with fabrics, metals and all other types of materials. PFG Contract has been involved in numerous different projects over the course of its history. Starting in the 1980’s, it became the largest producer of theatre, auditorium and concert hall seating systems in the world as designed by leading architects. 

It is now involved in several different sectors. Everything from yachts to cars and airplanes, retail shops to museums, government offices to the hospitality sector. Its products can be found in places of art and culture, politics and the business world along with the travel and lifestyle areas. PFG Contract’s long experience makes it highly qualified to work in historical environments but it is equally at ease with the most advanced, experimental and forward looking architectural projects.